Psynchro – Space Invaders EP – Digital


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We at Cyberfunk™ relish in pushing boundaries – exposing the freshest and diverse talent in the scene.

Psynchro are back on Cyberfunk™ with another blinding 4 track EP, which boasts a buffet of cyber-deliciousness. Straight off the back of their much anticipated ‘Lobzik’ EP on the mighty EATBRAIN, we cannot wait to show you what they’ve been cooking!

‘Escalator’ is an absolute dancefloor hooner. Dystopian intro vibes evolve into a clean-cut deep roller which, contradictory to the track title, will clobber you down!

‘Elevator’ begins with tranquility and gains impetus, dropping into a stripped back, minimal stepper. Funk ’em, just to see the look on their face!

The title track, ‘Space Invaders’, brings us back to Psynchro’s more familiar sound – Well executed, colossal, neuro whoppers! This track has more meatiness than a butcher’s catalogue.

Next up, we see Psynchro join forces with Escape for ‘HQ Sausage’.
No doubt, ordered through the aforementioned beef book, this song is Juicy, at least 80%% meat and seasoned with loads of subtleties that blend harmoniously : A proper Cumberland.

Finally, we have ‘Weird Synth’, a personal favorite. Crunchy drums, warbling pads and an incredible use of space. Sprinkled with mini-percs, shuffles and foley, this tune will appeal to both listeners and ravers!

Enjoy the music!


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